Lead Testing wargaming minis

First, an apology. If I’d known I was going to write this up, I would have taken pictures of the minis and the lead test results. Lacking that, you’ll just have to trust that I read the test strips correctly. I encourage anyone to test any minis they’re concerned about, and don’t file or sand metal minis around kids.

Random weird knock off space marines of questionable origin: Lead

I tossed them, but they weren’t anything I’ve seen before or since. They resembled space marines but had vertical slats for face plates and resembled robots. May have been garage minis. Really kicking myself for not taking a picture.

Microworld Games: no lead

Agents Of Gaming: No lead

Brigade Models Starmada ships: No Lead

Scotia Grendel: Positive

Privateer Press (warmahordes): Positive (this is surprising because they’re a pretty big outfit.)

Old Questionable Fasa hex walkers: Positive

Cloud Nine’s Heavy Gear mechs: clean

Fading Suns A Call to Arms: Clean

I have a bunch of IWM things, so I tested a few

the Forestry mech labeled ‘Lead free pewter’ was indeed lead free

The Long Tom seemed clean, maybe the slightest positive?

But another seemingly new tank (probably a Shrek PPC carrier) had one of the strongest positive results I saw.

Lab Notes

I accidentally flicked a bit of vinegar/reagent mix into me eye. Owch. Washed it out pretty exhaustively… I hope.