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OS9 tried to warn us

23 Aug 2020

Twitter is having a little trouble. I’m going to back up some good tweets here. I really did love one liners as a medium. Twitter offers a way to download your tweets, but it’s a long running asynchronous process so I have no idea if it’s going to work. And anyway, it’s neat to look back on this stuff. I suppose I should also mention that I made a mastodon profile but I can’t promise I’ll use it.

A good #codereview is like an all-you-can-eat buffet: an opportunity for personal growth

18 feb 2020

To keep things light, all future discussions of employee salaries will use “smackeroos” instead of dollars. Thanks.

29 Aug 2022

Be @arborday
> Send entire packet of mail made of dead trees
> I mean we’re talking about bookmarks, a calendar, personalized correspondence labels, a survey, and a certificate of completion for the survey
> At least I’m thinking about it. Well played.

24 Aug 2022

#Security Thought of the day: Piccard set his auto destruct PIN to 0000

21 Aug 2022

Live every day like you’re going to have to give a deposition about it

07 Mar 2022

Jurassic World Producers: Guys we can shave 25% off the CGI budget if the T Rex goes invisible.

27 Feb 2022

Cameras are like spiders: you’re never more than five feet from a camera and you swallow at least seven cameras per year.

19 Feb 2022

Is this really the best way to honor Optimus Prime’s sacrifice?

27 Jan 2022


important gift giving tip: if your recipient is a starfish and you’re buying a hat, make sure you buy five.

28 Dec 2021


It’s been a two `#git reset –hard HEAD` day, but the windows build finally runs.

19 Dec 2021

Medical tricorders would be a disaster for hypochondriacs.

17 Dec 2021

I miss yesterday when #aws #useast1 wasn’t on fire

07 Dec 2021

When is it ok to start wearing a Santa Hat full time? [urgent]

05 Dec 2021

Day 626. I just took a slug of Maple Syrup like Buddy The Elf.

18 Nov 2021

Let’s pretend that FB never gets back online. Just stop. We’re free now.

04 Oct 2021

Let them eat wifi

20 Aug 2021

(I was visiting Versalles at the time)

Autocorrect… off

25 Jul 2021

(I’ve left it off since)

You die a hero or live to see yourself extradited to the US to face trial

23 Jun 2021

The wikipedia page for “Corner Office” uses an office with the same desk I used to have. Was just weird seeing it again is all.

23 Jun 21

Day 423. Have begun to eat honey straight out of the jar.

07 May 2021

The Hangover has the same plot as The Halloween Tree

03 Feb 2021

Never felt an earthquake before, brand new experience

08 Nov 2020

We said corporations where people because we where too afraid to see the truth: people are corporations

16 Sept 2020

Thou shalt not remind someone of a zoom meeting without providing a link in that selfsame message.

11 Sept 2020

Spoiler alert: The Departed has the same plot as Face/Off.

23 July 2020

macOS (OSX) has now lasted longer than Classic MacOS did. #macOS

02 July 2020

USB-C is the most comfortable USB type to put up your nose.

25 June 2020

Power’s out. Now we have to entertain ourselves without our electronic devices. #itgotworse

13 Apr 2020

Got power back last night. Refrigerator compressor motor never sounded so good.

15 Apr 2020

So glad everyone has successfully retired all of their #Python2 code.

02 Jan 2020

I fixed the cybertruck

24 Nov 2019

#DearWebDevelopers: If a button can’t be opened in a new tab, it represents a risk and a commitment, and I’m probably not confident enough for ether.

30 Jul 2019

I think I’m buying the last umbrella in the south station CVS. Sorry guys. I don’t even like umbrellas

19 Jul 2019

Detective Duck in: Murder Most Waterfowl

01 July 2019

Wearing shoes you can’t run in is about as reasonable as Superman wearing a kriptonite necklace

10 Apr 2019

Me: Peanut butter and celery, name a more iconic duo

Sabrina: Peanutbutter and jelly

Me: 🤔

23 Mar 2019

Only in #CambMA do you see a breadboard project on a bike

27 Mar 2018

soylent bottle tower on my desk at work. #bluetac

15 Nov 2017

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