Btech Ice Planet

Visual identity inspired by the Lego Ice Planet theme.

Lore involves SLDF defectors who form a mercenary company with an on/off relationship with ComStar.

They also have an OGRE for some reason.

This was one of the first painting schemes I attempted back in the day, so older units don’t look quite as nice. My current formula is:

  • Prime White
  • Vallejo (Game Color) Magic Blue selected panels
  • Citadel Nuln Oil focusing on panel lines
  • Vallejo Model Air White to brighten up selected panels
  • Magic Blue again to clean up blue panels
  • Select a few panels in gray, select some gun barrels in gunmetal
  • Vallejo Orange Red for cockpits, muzzles, and just some lights
  • Greenstuff World Flourescent Orange over the vallejo orange red.

No bases yet. I want to do cracked ice bases but I haven’t found a reliable formula for those yet.